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Activating second-hand iPhone 4S

I'm having a bit of trouble activating a friend's iPhone 4S.  I bought it from him after he bought his iPhone 5.  The phone was setup online, says it was put on the account correctly on and it shows up on the My Verizon page, so I'm fairly certain it's not an MEID issue or anything else with the device/network.  I've restarted the phone, restored the phone (twice now!), and no matter what I try I can't get it to get past the activation screen.  It just keeps saying 'Could Not Activate iPhone', saying my iphone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable.  I've tried this with WiFi off and on, and through iTunes.  Through iTunes, it does something even better saying "Your request could not be processed.", with a subtitle of "We're sorry, but there was an error processing your request. Please try again later." .. I've been trying this for almost 2.5 hours or so now and it's driving me bonkers!

I should add that I'm activating it on my girlfriend's account (not on mine), and that it's replacing her Droid Pro.

Any help anyone?!

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Re: Activating second-hand iPhone 4S
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*228 option 1 or 2

Re: Activating second-hand iPhone 4S

You might have to call Verizon to activate it, *611. When I got my replacement 4s from Apple (problem with camera focus) I had to call VZW as the normal activation process would not work. The tech told me they prefer to have the person call for some reason.

Re: Activating second-hand iPhone 4S

The problem with dialing *228 or 611 was that the phone was stuck so early

in the activation process that there was no dialpad visible outside of the

emergency dialer.

I ended up calling Verizon support and was on the phone for nearly 3 hours

with a poor guy who stuck by me trying to figure it out. He ended up

exhausting all of his efforts and put in a trouble ticket. At this point,

my girlfriend's old Droid Pro wouldn't go back on the account. Wonderful.

So, now I really had to make sure the new phone was working. Thusly, the

following day I went to the Verizon store and the attendant at the help

desk looked at my records, did some of the same stuff, and recommended I

visit an Apple store (after seeing how much stuff we went through).

Promptly going to an Apple store, they had absolutely no idea why the

phone wouldn't activate. They ended up just replacing the phone, which

they activated before giving it to me. I then *228'd from it, assigned

it to the account from there, and the new phone worked.

That surely was a lot of headache, but there's a working phone on the

account now!