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Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges

they are trying to say we used 13 GB of data- & we know it is incorrect but not sure how to prove it;( any one have anyway to help??

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Re: Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges

There are several threads about this on this forum; have you tried doing a search?

Re: Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges

I have seen some but not anything

That says what to do about it and

I'm getting the run around;(

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Re: Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges

you will get the run around.... because 99.9% of the time there is no mistakes... and any rep you speak to wont be upfront with you and tell you flat out you used the data..... whether knowingly or unknowingly.... whether your comp was hooked up to a mifi and it did an automatic software update or anything like that.... most likely the data was used.... spare yourself some time and do the research on how to manage when and where your products use the data...

Re: Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges
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Hi MAMALAWS. I hope this helps. On my phone (inc 4g) i have mobile network turned off. I only use it when i need to. Like when i need to access the internet and it doesn't make sense at that time to walk around looking for a free wifi hotspot.

The few apps i installed after buying my phone i have set to auto update on wifi only. The pre-installed apps are also set to auto update on wifi only. Any app that doesn't allow me to auto update on wifi. I disable it.

I forgot to say; If it's an after market app, i'll do more than disable it, i'll uninstall it.

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Re: Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges

Hi MAMALAWS: This is almost a monthly occurrence for our family--being charged for data that we know for a fact that we did not use. Here's how I've dealt with it in the past (successfully, I might add--each time, Verizon has removed the questionable charges for us):  At about 11:45 p.m. on the 21st of the month (last day of the billing cycle), I dial #DATA so that Verizon will send me a text message with our current data total. I also check the MyVerizon Mobile app, and take a screen capture shot of that on my phone, so that I have a record of what that app said on that date at that time. I then go to MyVerizon on my laptop, and take another screen capture shot of the data totals listed there. That way, when I see that they've added bogus data charges to our bill, I have three different records of how much data they said we had used in the last minutes of our billing cycle, so that I can prove to them that any additional data on our bill is bogus. Then when I contact Verizon, I can send them those screen shots to prove my case.

It has worked for me on multiple occasions. You just have to be vigilant. It's a pain in the butt, because you have to stay up until midnight on the last night of the billing cycle in order to get those screen shots, but it's proven to be worth it for us. We've been able to avoid paying hundreds of dollars of overage charges by just keeping vigilant and documenting it in this way. It shouldn't have to be this way, but it's worth the effort. Otherwise, it's just your word against theirs, and you know who's going to win THAT argument!

Hope this makes sense, and I hope it helps!  Good luck.

Re: Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges
Customer Support

Hi there MAMALAWS!

I've got to be honest here, 13 GB worth of data usage is a high amount. And hey, if you feel like something is out of place that we want to address it.

First, may I ask how many devices you have on your plan and what kind of devices they are? Is there one devices that is using far more than the others? And what's your typical average for data usage on a monthly basis? You can verify all of this information via your online My Verizon profile at . Additionally, you can review data usage for each line by going to "View Usage" and looking at the data sessions. For now, it may be best if you use your Wi-Fi most of the time and seldomly have mobile data enabled while we delve into matters. Regardless, we want to get to the bottom of this for you and I'm eager for your response as I'd like to help in any capacity possible.

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Re: Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges

I am having a similar issue....last month i kept getting
alerts about my usage just spiking out of control.  I have 2 phones, mine is the iPhone 5 and my
sons is and iPhone 4s.  I only have a 2GB
plan and my son uses 1 - 1.5gb and I usually only use .25.  When I 1st saw these spikes, I was wondering
what my son was doing because he does not live with me and when I logged on to
view my usage, it was all my phone and not his at all.  I contacted Verizon and like other people
said, they denied that they had any issues.
There is no way I used the data bc; 1. I barely use the internet on my
phone and when I do, it’s not videos, music, etc. 2.  I’m hooked up to Wi-Fi either at my house
which is Verizon too and hooked up to Wi-Fi when I’m at work  3.  when I reviewed particular times that showed
excess usage, I knew I was either hooked up to Wi-Fi or many of the times, I
was sleeping and Wi-Fi was on like it always is.  I spent an hour and a half on the phone with
Verizon trying to resolve and was recommended to do a total restore of the
phone.  The lady said she would at no
cost bump my data to 6gb while I worked on fixing the issue so I went to Apple
to have the restore done bc I figured I would mess it up, but they didn’t want
to do it for me and helped direct me on how to do it and it ended taking a few
days before I could do the restore and during that time, my phone ate up all
6GB + another 2GB.  So, I did the restore
and it seemed to work, bc my phone is back to using less than .50gb a month,
but I am worried this could happen again.
My next problem is that I got my bill from Verizon and they charged me
for the increase in the 6GB which I was told would not happen and I got charged
for the rest of the overage.  When I
talked to customer service, I was told they would keep an eye on it and call me
in a week to see if it was resolved.
They never called me and then when I got my bill, I was charged for
every single bit of overage.  I called
back customer service today and they had a record I called but no notes on the
situation so I had to tell my entire story all over again and they are refusing
to credit my account.  I have been a
loyal Verizon customer and even got FIOS.... my bill was $446 which is usually
$345 and for them to pretty much say just suck it up is ridiculous.  Anybody have any suggestions before I tell
Verizon to pound sand and I call another carrier and comcast? 

Re: Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges
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There is no way they are going to bump your data plan up and not charge you for it.

Re: Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges

And I thought I was the only one going through all this craziness!!! I have spent hours discussing the situation bouncing from customer service to technical support to the fraud department and was just about to throw in the towel and I landed here! I can't believe that a company that is so well known and has so many loyal customers is getting away with this. It seems to me that once they convince you to "upgrade" you have taken the bait and hence your problems begin!  We upgraded from the Mi-Fi to the JetPac - our first mistake!  After 22 months of never using more than 4GB of data (3GB was our limit) we agreed to move to the JetPac -" it would be faster & give us the extra 1GB" - seemed to make sense. I even paid the fees for making the changes which I wasn't happy about.  Then the sales rep who "sold" me on the upgrade didn't explain my billing cycle vs. the usage cycle and my first new bill included a $5.00 late fee - my next BIG mistake was to set-up auto pay and BINGO the next month I went from averaging 3 to 4GB IN DATA USAGE to 18GB! To make matters worse during that time period we spent 10 days out of the country! Then the next billing cycle began and I received 2 usage alert and was only a week into the cycle. When I called to discuss how that was even possible - it was that call that CS told me about the previous month usage which was 18GB - I never received any alerts....strange, huh? Yes, everyone you talk to listens, never offers a solution, promises to call back and doesn't - and yes, convinces you to switch to the next level and in the meantime they have been able to put a charge of $250 over and above your regular charges on your debit card! In the past week I have talked to 12 different employees by phone, visited two Verizon stores (some are "corporate" and others are storefronts) and I haven't accomplished anything but to waist a lot of time and theirs. I am currently at my neighbors using her internet connection; I am afraid to even turn my on!

This isn't over for me yet...I'm not sure what my next step will be...I can only promise there will be a next step! What Verizon is doing is wrong and needs to be addressed.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!