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Are you having problems with messaging, messages as emails and #'s instead of names on your messages? hope this helps

I see that alot of my fellow iphone/verizon friends are having this issue with iphone 4 and iphone 4s reg messaging and how messages are being received, imessaging, messages received as emails and #'s (showing like this 1+(xxx)xxx-xxxx) not names showing in your messages (the #'s thing on my messages where from people who also have iphones)..  at first i turned of my imessaging but then another of my friend with 4S started getting my text as emails, when i turned it off my friend with 4 then got as emails so i figured it wasnt the imessaging that was the problem had to be something else...  This is what I did and I hope it will also help many of you.

the simple solution to my problem was this ...  go to settings - wi-fi and turn it off.  If you have an iphone you should have a data package and that combined with the wi-fi and upgrade is messing everything up..   I did that, then restarted my phone and sure enough the #'s where showing as names, all my friends where getting my messages as messages and not emails, my safari of course still works as do all my programs and my internet..  of course i dont think my facetime works with it off but i can always turn it back on when i do need it.

I hope this helps everyone, have a good day Smiley Happy

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