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Assurian $169 iPhone 4 Deductible??

Im taking my time to rant, and i hope this helps future Verizon (Assurian) customers.  Through marriage and life, my wife saw it best to consolidate our cell phone plans to her fathers and hers with Verizon, since they have been with them for the best 10 years, which we pay for the plan as my father in law is disabled and only requires a simple phone to use, giving us a nice little family plan.  Back then in April of 2010, my wife and i had got iPhone4's and bought insurance and everything we could.  Ive taken care of it, and seen the 4s come and now the 5 and ughh have been waiting for an upgrade on 4/4/2013 as yes Im an apple geek.  Well my meticulously taken care of iPhone 4 just dies on me due to god knows what, and declared - done for.  My experience with Verizon in this matter has caused this rant, and here it goes.

"Yes sir, your out of the 1 year warranty, and 1 month and 30 days from an upgrade, but LUCKILY you have insurance.  We can get you a new iPhone 4 for your deductible of $169.00"  says the rep.  "What?  169 for a phone that you give away FREE now??  Ive paid 10-15month insurance for almost 2 years now, and i still have a deductible?  I swear the rep told me back then, that I had a $50 deductible, this is insanity"  I beg and plead to just let me pay 199 for a new iPhone 5 and just give me an upgrade, ill sign a 3 year contract but please dont make me pay that much for such old tech...its way to close to my renewel time.  Sorry sir.  Nothing we can do.  Really?  You guys are hurting for money that bad that you can just do a little customer service and give me the upgrade now??  Instead you want to tell me my rep (in a REAL VZW store!!) was mistaken for "other" phones that carry a $50 deductible and i have to suffer this huge deductible.  Ok i didnt read the fine print, i thought my rep to be honest and knew what he was doing, then i wouldnt be hyped up and would have expected totally cool with a deductible, thats insurance, but for an old phone like this???  Come on Verizon, this is ridiculous.  Ok if it was an iPhone 5 id get the huge deductible and would pay...but for your free phone now?  This is robbery.  Its been suggested that i buy a new phone line with an iPhone 5, pay 199, and pay another $135 to cancel my other number, or just pay the bill and let it expire. in a couple months.  Wow Verizon, real nice of your reps to offer such a wormhole.  Is it really that tied up, do you not care how we feel?  ATT, Sprint even TMobile all run iPhones now, they arent that rare anymore, and with a guy paying for $240 a month, you can give up 1 month and 30 days to make him happy? 

I will not pay for insurance again, instead i will life proof it, and best believe im buying it through Apple.  At this point im ready to just open a line with a different company as I just cant believe this.  Insurance carries deductibles, this is a fact but you should adjust these according to market trends...because guess what...?  Its the same darn deductible for an iPhone 5... ludicrous i tell you..unreal

This is probably fragmented, and i dont want to insult anyone... im just upset and need a place to tell people.  i feel a little better.

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Re: Assurian $169 iPhone 4 Deductible??

you deff. shouldnt be complaining to verizon about your insurance problems but the upgrade thing no they cant move it for just one customer yo know how many people would be then doing the same thing and you agreed to the contract so you agreed to wait to that date  if you rather not wait im sure theres iphone 5's all over craigslist and amazon or even ebay so your right there not that rare but they are in such high demand that who wouldnt steal one these days this is why insurance is so high for one yea the iphone 4 is free but full retail is 449.99 would you rather pay that or the 169 and apple care is great for you but now if you lose your phone apples going to just say your out of luck on that becasue apple care doesnt cover lost or stolen and asurion is a joke they send you used phones so whats the point? the point is to have a device without paying full retail which to some is great and the deductibles are $45-50 for basic phones $99 for all android and 169(iphones 8-16) 199(iphones 32-64)