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Bumpy Transition to Apple 4GS

As readers of this forum well know, the Apple user interface is supposedly one of the most user friend. I say supposedly because our efforts to switch over my wife's ancient flip phone to a new Apple 4GS resulted in a huge waste of time.

First, FedEx delivered the phone to a hotel several miles away and not to our home.  My phone call to Verizon produced a reluctant CSR saying he would "reach out" to FedEx, but that it could be several days before the phone could be found.  I hung up and called again this time getting a CSR who said FedEx would find the phone and deliver it to us.  A phone call to FedEx resulted in the timely recovery of the device.

I give FedEx 15 penalty points for losing our phone, and 25 penalty points to Verizon for not being more aggresive about trying to find a device worth $700 retail. I take back 5 penalty points from FedEx because they recovered the package the same day and delivered it about 7 PM. 

Second, the phone arrived with no activation guide.  A call to Verizon technical support started what turned out to be a 45 minute call wandering in wilderness.  It appears that none of the features we requested, including insurance, international calling, etc., made it to the order, and that included verifying terms and conditions. 

The CSR refused to activate the phone even though I had an order number which I only could have gotten if I'd accepted the Ts & Cs in the first place.  Rather than argue the point further, I agreed to "accept" them again." However, the automated script to accept Ts & Cs failed.  The CSR then clicked a button on her side showing that it succeeded or so she told me. I wonder why she didn't do that in the first place since I had a valid order number.  BTW: She refused to look up the order number even after I read it to her.

I give Verizon 25 penalty points for being bureaucratically stupid, another 25 points for losing track of our order detail, and a bazillion penalty points for trying my paitence. 

Once we got to phone activation, that worked, but then we stumbled into the Apple App Store registration fifth circle of hell.  Verizon's App to transfer contacts from the Backup Assistant that was on the old flip phone to the new 4GS is a FREE app.  However, the Apple App store refused to allow it to run unless we registered a credit card with the store.  To do that we also had to sign up for Apple Cloud Services including its email service.  After 30 minutes of registration forms, we got the contacts downloaded.  BTW: The transfer of contacts worked flawlessly.

As far as the Apple app store is concerned, the demand for a credit card to download a free app is just plain annoying.  I give Apple 25 penalty points for showing right out of the box, literally, how to really make your customers really angry as a first impression thereby insuring lasting hostility to anything the firm might try to sell me in the future.  I take back 5 penalty points from Verizon's lot because the Backup Assistant worked flawlessly.

Next time I upgrade a phone, I will find the biggest, most expert Verizon retail store on the planet, or at least in Cleveland, and will not leave until I have a working phone with all features and details intact. 

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Re: Bumpy Transition to Apple 4GS
Sr. Member

I'm sorry to hear about your issues with the delivery of the phone and the activation. While you certainly need to have an account to use the iPhone's app store and iTunes, you did not need to register an email account and you certainly did not have to provide a credit card.

When it asked for payment details you simply had to select "none"

Also when you got the phone, did you try to power it on? the activation process when I received my iPhone was pretty straightforward just turned it on and followed the instructions.

Re: Bumpy Transition to Apple 4GS

Actually, we also thought that Apple, with its reputation for easy user interface, would have the activation process on the phone. 

As noted in my original message, the phone refused to activate. Further, the CSR argued that the reason was that I had not accepted the T&Cs when in fact I already had an order number.  The logic here is that customers don't have order number UNLESS they have ALREADY accepted the T&Cs.  As it turned out, the 2nd effort to accept the T&Cs failed and the CSR eventually got the phone to activate properly.

My aggravation with the CSR is the waste of time on top of a process that was already broken.

We were not offered the option of no payment details in the menus.  Also, it demanded we set up the email account and Cloud account before letting us access the FREE contacts transfer app.

These are Apple's aggravations and not Verizon's, but Verizon added more than its share to the day as note in my original.