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Cannot Receive Text from One Person

I cannot receive texts from 1 person who is also a Verizon Customer, both of us have iPhone 4S phones.  I receive his messages on my iPad, but not my iPhone.   All other texting seems to be working with other contacts.  I could receive his texts/iMessages 12 hours ago without a problem.  Any suggestions?  I have rebooted my phone.  He can receive my texts.


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Re: Cannot Receive Text from One Person

I'm having a similar problem. I can receive texts from this one person but he cannot receive mine. I can also not call him but he can call me. He uses A T&T but does not have this problem when texting other verizon users. I have an Iphone 4S and he has an Iphone 5. This has been happening for 3 days. I have tried resetting the networks, restarting my phone,  and checking blocked contacts. Nothing is helping with the issue.