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Cannot connect to WiFi networks after iOS6 upgrade.

Since I upgraded to iOS6 over 10 days ago I have lost the ability to connect to any wifi network...home or work networks.

I spent an hour on Verizon's tech support line....and an additional hour on Apple's tech support line and NO ONE seems to have a resolution for this.

To make things more fun.   Last weekend I got a notice that I've used 75% of my data for the month because apparently there was a bug in the system that...even though you couldn't connect to a wifi network...all data was pulled through the cellular data instead of my normal wifi networks I've always connected to.

I've tried:

"Forget this Network" and relogging into the wifi networks.

"Reset Network Settings" from the general settings menu

"Reset All Settings"
tried restoring from the ITunes page.

I've literally done everything up to and including a comlete factory reset on my phone and still cannot connect to any wifi network...home, office or public wifi network.

Is there a resolution for this coming soon?   Apple told me I needed to buy a new Iphone 5....yeah not happening.

Please advise,  This has been going on now for almost two weeks and I'm really getting beyond frustrated with this problem.

I've spoken to 6 or 7 people that have had the same issues...and none of them have been able to resolve the problem either.

Look forward to any help you can provide.


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Re: Cannot connect to WiFi networks after iOS6 upgrade.

I can connect to my office wifi, but can not connect at home.  I also have done everything you have,  as well as call my internet provider and Verizon.  Very frustrating..... still looking for a solution. 

Re: Cannot connect to WiFi networks after iOS6 upgrade.

Good News is.  As of today it looks like what ever communication issues Apple created in the iOS6 upgrade....they have worked out on their end.

I have had my Wifi capabilities completely restored.   My phone is funtioning smoothly now.

Hopefully you will have the same results soon.

I recommend shutting your phone off for 10 seconds a day just to reboot and reconnect until your device corrects itsself.

Very frustrating indeed....glad there was a resolution though...hopefully for you too!