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Conference Calls


I'm trying to figure out how to do the following on 4S: when I have a call going with one party and I add another party to the call, there isn't a way to drop the second party (as may be required for example if second party called goes into VM) without killing the whole call. Until recently I was using a Blackberry on VZW and could achieve this by using the "Flash" function in the call screen (so I know it is not a newtwork issue) - but there is no "Flash" function in the 4S calling screen. Can anyone help?



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Re: Conference Calls
Customer Support

Hi, yodc!

It sounds like you use conference calls frequently and are familiar with the general process. We get this question often from users coming from other devices to an iPhone. Due to CDMA capabilites, the iPhone operates a little differently when it comes to incoming seconds calls and conference calls. Please check out page 64 on Apple's iPhone user manual for more information,

I hope that answers your questions.

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Re: Conference Calls


Thanks for your response.

Clearly the iPhone does not support this functionality today, but given that the blackberry does this is clearly not a network limitation. Perhaps the only thing needed is to enable the iPhone to generate the "Flash" signal, which is what the BB does. I'm sure VZW can bring pressure on Apple to get that done - better support for conference calls is important for the business market.


Re: Conference Calls

you can't do this on verizon, not with the iphone 4s, or even with the iphone 5 or samsung galaxy does not work on the latest and greatest phones or with CDMA or 4G LTE.

i'd be amazed if this actually works on a verizon blackberry - go to a store and have them demonstrate on a phone to verify. i bet it will not work.

this exact thing kills me every day. I do software sales and need to do multiple conference calls per day. if i have a colleague on the line, we try to call another person and get their VM, I have to hang up and re-call the colleague. it's a bummer.

my colleagues, even ones with the same phone as me, can all do these basic actions. i cannot, not even on my iphone 4s. i went to the verizon wireless store and the sales reps there tried to do these actions on their iphone 5 and samsung galaxy 3s. no dice. the network does not support advanced features of conference calling even on 4g lte.

these are some other limitations i struggle with every day with my phone related to conference calls:

you cannot select individuals on a call you initiate to drop them or mute them. you have to have them hang up (and hope they did not just mute and pretend to hang up).

you can only dial out to one person to do a conference call, so you are limited to doing only one 3-way call.

you also cannot add someone in to a current if someone beeps in to a conversation, you can't add them into your current call to make it a 3-way call

also if you are on a call, someone beeps in and you put the original call on hold, then you return to that original call, you lose the option to do a conference call.