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Content Filters isn't working on iPhone 4.

My daughter searched something and she found something unpleasant (Sex related). She told me and then I put her phone on 13+ under Content Filters, and I gave it a test and searched porn and the crap popped up. Why isn't it working? I also had her turn off her phone and turn it back on and it still didn't work! Help!

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Re: Content Filters isn't working on iPhone 4.
Customer Support

Hi Camern2

I'm very sory this particular filter didn't block the offensive material. I would recommend changing the block to the child 7 block. The 13 block may be to graphic.

This is the 13 discription:
May contain mild coarse language, moderate violence, mildly suggestive lingerie, drug use depicted without being designed to encourage use, some sexuality or suggestive dialogue or themes that may not be appropriate for younger children. This content is considered suitable for children 13 and above by most parents. Parents are cautioned against allowing children under 13 to access or view this content unattended.

Please test out the 7 block and retest.

Thank you

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