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Getting very upset with my IPhone 4.  I used to be able to make calls from my home, now I have 1, yes 1 bar.  This has been going on since late summer.  When I answer the phone the person on the line can't hear me, I'm breaking up, then I hear the good ole BEEP BEEP BEEP  disconnected as usual.  My contract's up Feb 25, 2013.   I called Verizon , they said they would do a check to see why I don't have service (I'm 4 miles from a tower)  They sent me a text message at 6:30 AM to say everything was OK with the phone.  Well, needless to say I still don't have service.  They said if I was to break my contract now it would cost me $160.00.  I stopped in a verizon store yesterday to ask about another brand phone, I was looking at possibly a samsung galaxy lll note.  I said what if I don't have service with that one too, can it be returned?  She said it would cost me $35 plus.  So basically I've been throwing away $100 a month for a phone I can only use to send text messages.  VERIZON, I'VE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR CLOSE TO 15 YRS, NEVER LATE ON PAYMENTS......HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

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Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

It seems if service at your home is important and you don't get it with Verizon, you should go with a provider which will give it to you.

The question now becomes is it more cost effective to pay $160 for an ETF(although if your contract ends on 2/25/2013 your ETF should currently be $140) or should you pay $300 for service which you cannot use over the next 3 months. Seems to me the ETF would be the better option.

Customer Support

Hi Z4driver,

Sorry about the delay in our response. Let's go ahead and get this issue fixed. Please dial *228 send and select option 1 to program your phone. After you have completed the programing, please complete the second reset method listed here Please let us know if this improves your signal.


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