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Data Network Technical Problem

Monday, September 15, 2014

Verizon Wireless

Executive Relations Department

Subject:   Cell Phone # (removed)

Your immediate action is requested to resolve the data network problem I have been experiencing with my iPhone 4s for a month and two days (ever since I got this phone).

I upgraded to the iPhone 4s on 8/13/14.  It  was set-up and activated by Javier at the Kirkwood Hwy Store in Wilmington, DE.  I chose this phone because my daughter, who is on my account (removed) has the same phone and is proficient with its use.  Later that night, 8/13/14, we discovered that my visual voicemail wasn’t working – not alerting when I had a voice message.  So I called tech support (talked to 2-3 different people) and was on the phone with them for approx. 1 hr with no resolution!  A troubleshooting ticket was entered.  One of the techs called me back the next day still with no resolution and told me to expect a call the next day.  I didn’t receive a call back.

I attended iPhone class the week of 8/18/14 at the Concord Pike Store in Wilmington, DE (Jerome was instructor).  I informed him of trouble I was having and he looked at the various troubleshooting tickets that were on my account and called tech services while I was there.  I remained there with no resolution for approx. 1 ½ hrs!  Another troubleshooting ticket was entered.  Tech called me in a day or two with no resolution.

I returned to Kirkwood Hwy Store the week of 8/25/14 requesting Javier’s assistance since he was the one who set-up and activated.  Tara (Javier’s colleague) diligently trouble-shoot for 1+ hours with no success!  She concluded that the problem is not with voicemail, rather with the data network.  Unable to connect to the internet.  I am unable to send photos to anyone’s cell phone; unable to send iMessage; no alert to let me know that I have voice message, etc --  if I am not within Wifi, can’t do any functions that require internet.

The week of 9/1/14, I returned to Concord Pike Store to inform them that I have not heard anything further from the tech and informed them that it is the data network.  To rule out that I did not have a defective phone, Jerome and Amena ordered another phone shipped to my home address.

The week of 9/8/14, I took the new phone to Concord Pike Store (Jerome) for set-up and activation.  Once activated, the same problems still existed so Jerome placed call to tech for trouble shooting and was informed that we had the wrong department checking out the problem  -- tech said it should have been the data network department!  So the tech initiates another troubleshooting ticket and said he would get back to us.  As of today, 9/15/14, I have not heard from any tech in the data network department and still no resolution!

This is truly unacceptable!!  I have been patient throughout this whole ordeal and also have been a loyal, on-time paying customer for approx. 20 years and now I am dissatisfied, upset, stressed, tired and truly worn-out with frustration!  I want and need this resolved promptly today, credit my bill with no charges from 8/13/14 until resolved and perks/benefits/body massage/full tank of gas, etc.

Disgruntle, Unhappy Customer,


>> Personal information removed to comply with the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service <<

Message was edited by: Verizon Moderator

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Re: Data Network Technical Problem
Customer Support

We never want to see a customr so unhappy with your phone or service, djhairston. We truly appreciate your patience and years you've been our customer and want to help find a resolution. I have sent you a follow request along with a private message. Please access your inbox here in the forums and respond to obtain additional information needed.



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