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Data Usage While Connected to WiFi

I just got an iphone 4S, and love it.  One thing I have noticed is that the phone seems to be using a small amount data even while connected to our WiFi system at home.  I thought that being connected to WiFi would have the phone not use data.  Can anyone tell my why this is happening?

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Re: Data Usage While Connected to WiFi
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It shouldn't use data while on wifi but maybe it's disconnecting and connecting so quickly you don't see it disconnecting.

Re: Data Usage While Connected to WiFi

So, I'm completely new to the iPhone.  I decided to get the iPhone 5c after my "dumb phone" finally just did not work anymore.  I have been trying to figure out the data usage on my phone and I think I finally understand it.  I am sure to be connected to wif whenever it is possible.  I realized I could not receive picture messages, so I tried something:  I have my cellular data on, but I disabled LTE.  I had a friend send me a pic message, and no data was used.  When cellular data was on and LTE enabled, I used 1MB for a picture message and a snapchat.