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Data Usage and Billing

Ok, so my wife's data over the past few months has slowly grown.  March-April she barely used .5gb, April-May it went to almost 1gb, May-June it was about 1.5gb, now June - today its almost 2gb...I looked at her data detail on the bill and she is getting data hits for periods of time when she is on wifi either at work or at home.  I called Verizon and they had no answer for me.

There are recorded data times between 11pm - 3am when we are home sleeping and the bill shows small data usage during that time period when I know her phone is connected to our home wifi.

I have called Verizon numerous times and they claim that the times on the billing are acccurate to when the data was accessed but could not help me with the app that was using it or why we were being hit with data time. I didn't really pursue it then because we were still under her 2gb limit.  Now it's a problem.

Short of putting phone in airplane mode does anyone have a suggestion?   Anyone from Verizon have any suggestions?

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Re: Data Usage and Billing
Sr. Member

Shutting off cellular data network would help. Or shutting the phone off when your sleeping unless you need it as an alarm. I would persue it more. They told me once to have tech out in a diamond trouble ticket for data overages. You would have to fight for your rights Alittle bit.

I have an example kindov like yours. We have multiple iPhones and useing a mobile hotspot I did a software update on 2 of them no backing up etc. same update 2 phones same kindov hotspot on another phone not connected to anything else each time and same update 5.1.1 suppose to be 52 - 58 mb .058 gb but 1 phone used 600 mb or .6 gb phone 2 used 52mb .052gb.

I only did this one thing on each and I called vzw tech to triple check and those numbers were right but they mention they really wouldn't know until the bill comes out because they could be includeing by accident reg usage while letting the updating be done on the phones useing the hotspot. Your actual could be higher on the bill compared to what my verizon said even if you check the date and time to be on your last day of cycle and you know you haven't used it since the latest time.

I had the phones we were updating in my possssion. The only thing I did the first time not the second time I was useing the phone that had hotspot feature on it getting emails and imessage another phone not on our account while letting the 1 phone update that had the higher download#. That activity on the phone letting people hotspot can't count I have an unlimited plan because I can't connect to my own hotspot.

Apple verified download should be the lower number if done through phone. While Verizon doesent care if I go over. I went over on the hotspot by 548 mb rounded up to 1gb. the exact number difference. I am very cautious. It shut off after the phone downloaded it both times. Install didnt use the hotspot.

After this I noticed the next iphone didn't need wifi used 3G service. We have 2 4s 2 4s. Has anyone noticed that. Sorry if your Confused I will answer any questions to help so you all can help me.

Re: Data Usage and Billing
Customer Support

Hello azhalvy13,

We want to make sure that your wife is not billed for data that she is not using. First, I would recommend to end all tasks when device is not in use. That is the reason why data is accruing at all hours due to these applications running in the back. To end the tasks/apps on an iPhone, double press the menu button and hold down the application until it shakes on screen. Then touch the (-) in red and the tasks will end. Ensure all applications are closed, especially music apps.

Let us know if the issue persists.

Thank you,

Lena A.
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