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Data overage and horrable customer service.

I have been charge incorrectly for the data overage on my cellular phone,  I disputed the data overage on my Verizon Wireless account, the phone and wish to open an investigation.

I don’t use my cell phone to download the movies/video or music neither did I authorized anyone to use my cell phone for the high data activities. Approximately 39GB of data was used on my mobile phone during the month of October 2014. I never had such a high data usage in the past. Based on my analysis of the bill most of the usage happened during evening/night time and on weekends. We have an internet service at home. In my household we currently have my 13 years old daughter, our cat and me leaving together.  In September, we temporary moved from our house to an apartment. I have left my phone unattended several times in apartments’ gym and swimming pool, it was not password protected at that time. I have installed password recently, and changed the password for the hotspots based on tech support recommendations. My daughter knows my password, however she denies using my phone hotspots for movie or music downloads.  We have a regular internet service and rarely use hotspots to connect her i-pod or my computer to the internet while driving in a car, to browse an internet.  However, I often left my hotspots on, unintentionally.  I suspect that somebody in the apartment building was using my mobile phone hotspots to get to the internet.

In addition, I did not receive any communications from Verizon informing me about my data overage. In the past, I always had notifications from Verizon about the data/minutes usage on my account. If I were to get a notification about high data usage, I would start an investigation immediately to find out the source of data leakage and certainly change my plan meanwhile to a higher data limit. 

The only notification   I received this time, was an email from Verizon on November 3, 2014, stating that my account balance was $3123. I called Verizon Wireless the morning of November 4, 2014. I was told by a Verizon representative that I have a data overage, and was advised to change my data plan to prevent additional charges. I upgraded my account to 30 GB/month plan. I inquired about the possible cause of the high data usage, and was told by Verizon representative,   that the data was used through my hotspots.

In addition, I was informed that, Verizon has been sending e-mail messages to me beginning October 15, 2014. As I stated earlier, I received no communications from Verizon prior to November 3, 2014 warning me about data overage.

In the past 2 days, I spent over 10 hours talking to Verizon customer support, technical support and fraud departments trying to understand how so much data was used through my phone. I also went to Verizon store in Downingtown, PA in attempt to solve this problem. I shown my e-mail communications to the store manager and explained the situation.  I was treated very professionally but was told to call customer service.  While on the phone with Verizon, I have been bounced around from one representative to another, put on hold for hours, lost during the transfer several times, given wrong, inconsistent or contradictory  information on multiple  occasions. Each Verizon representative would give me different information on why I did not receive warnings from Verizon on my data usage or in contrary for example, that Verizon sent me 150 warning messages starting October 15, 2014. However I did not get any resolution to my problem even when I asked to speak to the managers.

I have been a loyal Verizon customer for over 18 years.    I feel now that Verizon did not protect me as a customer from the fraudulent activities and failed to inform me about my data usage prior to billing me the exuberant charges. I feel that the Verizon representatives are lacking training and conducting bad business practices by providing inconsistent information and bouncing customers around from one department to another.   I don’t know if I can trust my business to Verizon in the future.

I strongly believe that I should be fully credited for the data overage I did not use. I would like Verizon Corporate to improve on their current business practices to improve customer satisfaction.

I wish Verizon corporate representative to contact me via phone call and in writing to resolve these issues.     

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Re: Data overage and horrable customer service.

I had the same problem with my old iphone 4. The hotspot, even when used sparingly, will use OUTRAGEOUS amounts of data. The only reason I got my overages credited was because shortly after turning the hotspot off my antenna started to malfunction and would not connect to wifi at all and just sucked up data. Best of luck to you, my suggestion is to report to the BBB and go from there.