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Data overages when Wifi is working on phone.

I upgraded to the new IOS and now I am losing data at an alarming rate even though my phone is never out of Wifi, its has gotten so bad that I am seriously considering canceling my account with Verizon. I tried calling and getting help but the women that sounded like a Grandma from Minnisota did not understand what I was talking about and had to put us on hold to talk to someone that had an Iphone. She had no idea what I was talking about! I have not received a software upgrade fix as it is an Iphone 4s. What can I do to stop this. Where do I go to download a fix or should I just leave Verizon all together. I am greatly upset at the service I have recieved since switching from Cricket wich I thought was a ghetto brand to Verizon.

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Re: Data overages when Wifi is working on phone.
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The iphones can support IPv6. Since the new update something got messed up and now even when you're on wi-fi if you go to a site that supports IPv6 you're phone will use data. I would try disabling IPv6 and see if that helps.

Re: Data overages when Wifi is working on phone.
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On my 4s it seemed the same way Ouse typically 3 gigs and now I used 10 this month. I don't stream or anything fancy. I use wifi on this phone alittle on a regular basis. The rep I talked didn't see problem since she does over 5. Sometimes the usage counter only says from day ago so I can't calculate then it updates finally. She said its with the five only but I keep on reading lot of people 4s haveing problems. She thought I am just complaint to get out if paying more without accusing me of it but the attitude.