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East Coast to West Coast text messaging issues

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I have been having issues text messaging and even calling each other.  He is stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC and I am in Nevada.  We are both Verizon customers, though I have an iPhone 4S and he has a DROID Bionic.  This issue started about middle to late June, right around the time that the big storms hit the East Coast and knocked out power for a lot of people over there--I started receiving delayed text messages from every one of my contacts, including him, but now the only issue we are having is not being able to talk to each other.  Text messages are not coming through, and phone calls are not registering (though it rings), and then goes to voicemail.  Neither of us have changed our number, and both phones have been recently updated (within the past week or so) and nothing has changed.  There is no evidence that suggests either person has been blocked.  Has anybody else experienced this kind of issue?

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Re: East Coast to West Coast text messaging issues

Try reprogramming your phone

dial *228 option 1 (programming update)

dial *228 option 2 (roaming update)

Re: East Coast to West Coast text messaging issues
Customer Support

Thanks for your input 99mustang232. half_pint2.0, I understand how you feel to not have the ability to speak with someone important. I use my phone for all communication and if I cant call or recevice a call from someone in particular, I would be upset also. I'm here to provide you with some information and basic steps to hopefully resolve this issue. Are you or your boyfriend using a third-party messaging application? This could affect the phone and may need to be removed if you start to have issues.  I would first recommend clearing old and long text threads you don't need. Secondly, I recommend updating the phones to the towers by dialing *228, send, option #1. After a storm, this is a great action to perform because towers may have changed or being worked on. With your iPhone, have you tried enabling/disabling airplane mode? This can help with signal and here are the steps Also check the network settings on your phone. Here are the steps . For his phone Bionic, ensure he is power cycling also to ensure he is connecting to the nearest towers. Also make sure he is clearing the cache/browser history periodically. Here are the steps .He can also toggle his network setting to ensure he is getting a good connection. Here are the steps for his phone

If you continue to have issues, we may need to file a trouble-ticket for your area. Please keep us posted.