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Fraudulent list!!!

Well, i'm really stressed with Verizon services. I'm not  a customer at the moment

I bought my iphone 4s from a verizon's customer that upgraded to a iphone 5. He went to the a store id did the upgrade and talked to the representative about selling the old one because he didn't need it anymore. The reps said it was ok. Then i bought it. I first activated it with iTunes on July and started searching for plans since i was planning to travel overseas. When i first checked the IMEI/MEID/ESN it was ok and clean. The problem started when i traveled to Brazil(where i'm now) and tried to activate it online, i started to get the information "The phone associated with the Device ID you entered cannot be activated at this time. Please contact Customer Service at 800-922-0204 for assistance." I chatted with a rep that told me the imei was clean and he could activate it, but since i'm not the acc owner i needed to contact the customer. I did it and the customer started chatting he had the same information that the imei was clean and even more that the iphone was unlocked, the rep said all iphones on his acc was unlocked. So i bought a foreign sim and started to try an activation in Brazil, tried with 2 different sim cards, then restored it twice and no answer i always get the message that the sim is not valid. So, again he started talking with a rep that said the iphone was included to the lost/stolen list on 9/23/13 and he asked her to remove it from the list, she assured him it was removed and it was clean again(i have the print he sent me).

But i still continued with the same issue and contacted a third party to see the imei situation that told me "The ESN You Provided (99000***) Is BAD. Although It has not been reported lost or stolen It shows as currently active on an account. This device will not be able to be activated on any account until it has been removed from the original account by the original account owner". and contacted Apple that said the iphone was locked! Again, a different information!

So the customer decided to contact the Global support to get a straight answer, after almost 2 hours talking with the global support and fraud department, they just answered him the imei was added to a fraud list or fraudulent list and cannot be removed anymore! by anyone even him that is the first owner of the account and the device. How on earth would it be possible??? No one told him he needed to activate the cell phone before going the fraud dep just said him if i come back to USA 'PROBABLY' it will be taken off that list...i didn't stole the phone, i BOUGHT it and your customer confirmed it! Smiley Sad

That's really awful even the customer can't solve a problem!!

i wish someone can help me! I'm just stuck to an ipod with wifi and don't know what to do since i can't come back right now to the US.

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Re: Fraudulent list!!!

PS. The iphone still have the original sim card from verizon and i put the foreign sim card 9/30/13 while in Brazil and never before this date!