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Funky Signal?

For some reason, whenever I put my iPhone 4S to standby, after a while, when I turn the phone back on. When I look at the bars, it goes from 1 to full bars.

It takes about 2 seconds, but then it just shoots straight up.

I asked Verizon CS and they said it's normal?

I never lose signal or anything like that, but is it something I should be worried about?

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Re: Funky Signal?

Hey, dunno if you ever found a solution to this issue but my iPhone 4S does the same thing. Sometimes it has dropped to one bar while I've been using it, but I've never had any real data issues either. Weirds me out because I come from a long line of Android devices from Verizon that had horrible connectivity issues (three Galaxy Nexuses that dropped LTE all the time)

I bought my iPhone secondhand so I hope it isn't a hardware issue!

EDIT: On the off-chance that this gets responded to by Verizon, I have tried *228, clean-installs of iOS, soft and hard resets.