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Going to Upgrade My Flip Phone & My MiFi2200


First off, is this a good carrier?  I have been with this company for about 3 years and it has been nothing but a nightmare.  I keep hearing if you want the best connections and the best 4G stay with Verizon.  I am having a hard time paying the highest fees, charging me for over a year on a device that their techs have been unable to get to work for me, but I have a NE2 coming on that line so I have kept it. I now this will be trashed due to my comment, but maybe I will get someone who will offer me some advice after reading my situation before it is removed.

I have 2 devices that have been month to month for the last year.  I am ready to update.  I had the MiFi2200 when they first came out and it was awesome on ONE road trip.  when I got back, the device would work for about 5 minutes and then gradually start to die.  Over a 6 month period, I talked to about 12 Verizon tech support agents and not one could get the device to work like it did when I first got it.  I did get a replacement, but for some reason something was causing the new device to do the same thing.  I ended up paying the monthly fee, since I did not know I could suspend the device.  I was charged a big fee to suspend it, which I was not told, but when the bill came after I suspended it, I was shocked to see it had doubled. I was even being charged $10 over for the MIFi2200 until an agent about a year later, told me we dropped all the prices on the MiFi2200 $10 but you are still paying the higher fee.  "I am so sorry for that, let me drop that now."  anyway, just what I wanted to hear after paying for the MIFI200 even know they could not get it to work.  I had a NE2 coming for $50 for the line, so I thought I would have made  my decision before now, but that is why I have not cancelled this line.

I think I am going to get the iPhone 4S, even know I think I am late, since I have read several places that a 4G iPhone is on the way out.  If this is true or not, it will take me some time to learn how to use a "smartphone."  I have been looking at other smartphones, like the dual core Droid Razr Maxx or the newest ones with Ice Cream Sandwich.

I have the 2 lines, one I will get the smartphone, and I am wondering if it is worth trying the newest MiFI or the Samsung Mobile Hotspot.  I know the smartphones have the ability to give one a mobile hotspot, but I keep reading bad things about it.  I need a reliable somewhat fast way to connect to the internet when I travel.  I need this for my work and really do not want to pay the hotel prices for the internet.  Plus being able to do it while in the car as a passenger is really a good thing.

I am open for comments, suggestions, other phones that might be worth looking into, etc? 


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Re: Going to Upgrade My Flip Phone & My MiFi2200
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I love the 4s and it's a great choice. The mobile hotspot is a great feature and if you add it to the iPhone it might cheaper because your required a data plan anyways plus the $20 fee for the hotspot then useing 2 upgrades one for the phone and one for a new hotspot. I think the hotspot by itself is $50. You could pay full retail for the hotspot so you don't have to use an upgrade.

With the new plans now you combined data so for example if Your paying $50 for 4gigs you can use whatever you want for the hotspot and reg data on the phone. You could use for example 3 during hotspot and 1 during reg data or another month you can use 2 and 2 and the overage rate is $10 per gig.

You might like useing the iPhone it has dictation so you can dictate your emails on your phone and when you pause it stops untill you speak again. You can do IMessage which is free from apple products. Theres lots of business and fun apps. I Love one I can store my receipts on this one app if my originals fade I have a stored backup. Haven't learned how to print them later yet. Also a pro is when u back up your iphone you can back up everything call log apps calendar and more. On android it tends to forget things. If you have multiple calendar like yahoo google etc you have them all on your iPhone and you can choose if you want to see them at once or not. You will love how it's simple but have lots of stuff you can do. I only charge mine 1 time a day and I do a lot on my phone. My husband owns a landscaping business so I need the phone to be multi functional. He is not a phone geek or really like to use a phone with frills. He likes things that are dependable, long lasting, and easy to learn so this is all that and special easy things. He doesent have a lot of patients for a phone when it acts up. This never acts up really.

Re: Going to Upgrade My Flip Phone & My MiFi2200


Thanks for the reply.  I am not sure why but I never got a notice this reply was posted.  I clicked "start email notifications."

My concern is that the iPhone 4S can have a mobile hotspot as part of the phone, right?  You pay extra for this, but I have no idea how much data you get and how fast the mobile hotspot on the iPhone 4s is.  I have heard that some people complain that it is so slow, but that really does not mean much because so much go into if you have a good fast mobile hotspot.  I do not think it is 4G either, right?  It would not be because the iPhone 4S is not 4G.

I have 2, New Every Two waiting for me to use them.  I have not been in contract for over a year because I was not sure I was going to stay with Verizon.  I am not happy with this company, but I hear as far as service with 4G and the iPhone, calling, connections, dropped calls, etc. Verizon is the best.  so putting aside the customer service, which for me has been a nightmare, I guess I would try them for another 2 years.

with the 2, New Every Two I have , 1 $35 I think for the cell line, and 2 $50 for the MIFI2200 3G line.  If I do not get a separate MIFI 4G by Novetal or Samsung (sorry not sure of the exact names of the devices and numbers) then I was thinking about using that $50 New Every Two line for the iPhone 4S instead of the $35 line that I currently have as my main phone number.  I do not see positive entries on the Mobile Hotspots like the MiFI 4G by Novetal or the Samsung.

I do not understand how the mobile hotspot works on the smartphones, especially the iPhone 4S.  I would like to know how this works and if the speed is something worth it all.

My sister just got an iPhone 4S through Verizon and she can get her emails from her phone and can send emails but her email address when she does this is her phone number , which is something I would try not to have.  I would hope they would allow you to have a Verizon email address that is NOT your phone number along with your area code.

Why I liked the MIFI 2200 3G so much when it worked was on road trips it was great to be able to hook my MacBook Pro in this device and surf the net looking for the next hotel or places to visit. why it stopped working, and why no tech agent could get it working again was beyond my understanding.  I tried around 10 tech agents and it would work for a few minutes but gradually stop.

I recently went to a Health & Fitness Summit and I was shocked how everything was done through the smartphones.  All handouts for the courses were done by the smartphones, people were taking pictures of the large slide show with their iPhone or other devices.  I still have this old flip phone so I was in the dust as far as being able to download the courses I took and their syllabi.  it was an eye opener.

if you know of a good article that explains hot the iPhone 4S works with the mobile hotspot and what you need to get extra for data when setting this phone up, I would like to know how this all works.