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Having issues with 5.0.1 update? Quite frustrating!

I was prompted yesterday that my phone was ready for an update so, like any normal person with this phone i proceeded.  It took iTunes 2 hours to download the new update and then i was prompted that my phone needed to be restored and got the black screen with "connect to iTunes" icon on it.  I tried to restore it and it gets about half way through it and then gives me an error messages that says "iPhone cannot be updated due to error (1)" well i can go to "more information" to see how to fix the problem but that was useless because there is every error message except the one i am looking for.  I have also tried to shut down computer and restart, delete iTunes and redownload, and i have also tried to hook to another computer that we have in the house-- mind you, none of the three worked.  I am quite frustrated because i pay so much money for this phone and most importantly because i deal with alot of business call on it and until it is fixed i am unable to work-- i am not really sure why an update is released if the damn thing doesnt work because obviously i am not the only one having this issue. 

If anyone can help i would be very grateful, thanks!

pissed off verizon customer!

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Re: Having issues with 5.0.1 update? Quite frustrating!
Sr. Member

I like updating in my phone because it's quicker on my phone takes 30 minutes max. On iTunes it would take hrs. That's my only suggestion.

Re: Having issues with 5.0.1 update? Quite frustrating!
Verizon Employee

Hi lhsmith89,

I understand your discontent. While most people prefer to use iTunes to update iPhone software, some times an alternate method work better as pointed out by gina7239 (Thank you!). Please try to update your iPhone wirelessly. For detailed instructions please visit this LINK.

I trust that updating wirelessly will resolve your software update concerns. If this option does not work for you, please post the errors you encounter and the community and/or our social media team will provide further assistance.


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