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I have an iPhone 4

So I recently bought an iPhone 4 from a neighbor, and its been restored completely. But I have AT&T and its of course Verizon, what I wanted to know is I think the phone was stolen, but from somewhere in Tennessee, I'm in Idaho. Since its been restored, if I try to get it activated, can VZW find out if it was stolen, and if jt is will I get arrested if it is stolen? And if they can see its stolen, but I don't get arrested, will they take the phone, or just not activate it?

It's a iPhone 4 CDMA

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Re: I have an iPhone 4
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Well there is a web portal where you can check to see if the MEID or ESN is on the lost and stolen database. Maybe someone who reads this knows the link.

However a Verizon CDMA device does not work on AT&T since AT&T is a GSM carrier. And the device is a iphone 4 which is not a world phone. It may work on sprint. So you can only activate on Verizon.

If you were to go to the store they may not activate it because its on the lost or stolen list. They may contact the police but you can say you didn't steal it but it was bought by you, or given to you. Will the store keep it? this is a tough one. Personally I would say no, but it does not stop them from notifying the local police while you are at the store.

Check the meid before you try to activate it on the proper carrier.

Good Luck