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I suspended my iphone.

I suspended the service on my iphone. I still have an iPad on the account. I had a share everything plan. I'm hoping to just pay the $10 a month for my ipad and no other charges that may be associated with my suspended iphone. is that the way it works?

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Re: I suspended my iphone.
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Is there a reason you suspended your iPhone and did not cancel the service for it?

There are 2 ways to suspend service for a phone line. With billing or without billing.

If you suspend with billing, you will continue to receive a bill for that line and the time remaining on your contract will continue to reduce.

If you suspend without billing, you will stop receiving a bill for that line, but the time remaining on your contract will be stopped so that when you continue service on that line you will have the same amount of time left on your contract as when you suspended service.

In either instance, your suspension will stop after 3 months and you will once again have service and start receiving bills if you chose suspension without billing.

If you are hoping that you will be able to suspend service, stop receiving a bill and continue to have the time on your contract tick away, you are mistaken about how your service suspension works.

As to how much you will be paying, yes the charge for your iPad is $10/month but you will also have to continue paying for the data portion of your bill. You can change your data allowance to account for less data because your suspended service to your phone, but the minimum data allowance is 1 GB for $50/month on the Share Everything plan. The only cost you will NOT have to pay if you suspended WITHOUT billing is the $40/month iPhone access fee.