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I tunes account

I was so excited to get my Iphone because everybody at work has one. I attempted to get FREE apps on my phone and Itunes wants a credit card. I dont think so. My friend that has sprint says she didnt have that problem. What gives. I guess I will have to spend more money on a gift card so I wont have to give these folks my info. Any other suggestions?

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Re: I tunes account

That is the safest way. I would not put a real credit card in there at all, it can be stolen....I know from experiance. Just get a 10 dollar itunes card, and your good to go. That way you aren't leaving to much out there to be stolen, and they won;t have your credit info.

There is no other way around this, unless you input your credit card and then have it deleted by itunes, but they will only communicate via email.

Re: I tunes account

I'm not sure if this is how it works for new iTunes customers now (I've had an iTunes account for years), but I don't have a credit card on file. It's not because I fear anyone stealing it (I used to have one on file and never had an issue), but because I prefer not having an open ended payment method on my account...especially if I let my children make purchases. My mothers iTunes account does not have a CC on it either and she does not have any iTunes credits. Of course, without any credit on the account she will receive a prompt stating that in order to make purchases she needs to verify her billing information but it does not make her add a CC (she does not make purchases for anything on iTunes except for free apps since most of the music she likes is already available on my iTunes account, which she is authorized to use).

If you don't want to use your CC but you don't really want to buy an iTunes card because you are pretty positive you won't be purchasing anything then you might have a few options that may make you a bit more comfortable. If your bank offers a service for credit/debit cards that allows you to generate temporary CC numbers with a spending limit (sometimes as low as $1) then you can do that so you won't have to use your actual card number. This service is usually free if your bank offers it.

After searching the Apple site (because I am pretty sure there is a way to create an account without a CC) I found the following link that tells you how to do so. Just be aware that this is saying it's for the App store but since you said you were wanting to purchase free apps this may be exactly what you want!