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ITunes syncing issues since installing IOS 7.0.4

This is the latest correspondence since installing IOS 7.0.4 software on October 23, 2013.  30 hours on the phone trying to get this resolved. All I have gotten is "try this, try that" with no comment about their software. Primary comment has been it is a McAfee.compatibility problem. Therefore I should change my firewall provider. as of today, it has been 36 days. I am terribly disappointed in Apple. If they don't step to the plate, my only recourse will be to switch phone providers.

November 28, 2013

to Apple Care

Frankly with the number of things tried, I do not recall it ever working “flawlessly” with McAfee turned off. I will guarantee the import pictures sync has never worked properly with or without McAfee being on or off.  Reference my phone call to McAfee of November 20, 2013. What was evident during the call was the sync of contacts and calendars worked but not always in the same way.  I saw little difference if any when McAfee was tried both installed and  uninstalled. However the Tech did get the sync of contacts and calendars to work properly three (3) times with McAfee installed. I was ecstatic as I hung up the phone.  Later, the sync of contacts and calendars again quit working properly.  Sometimes it would work as it should, then the next time it did not. No consistency either way. The import pictures sync has never worked properly since the software upgrade and occasionally has locked up the computer requiring a restart.  Reference the phone discussion with McAfee of November 25, 2013.  the McAfee Rep worked on the sync process for contacts and calendars and the sync process to import pictures. He tried a number of actions with the firewall on and then basically tried the same actions with the firewall totally removed from the computer.  The findings, I believe were  the same either way. The contacts and calendars generally worked but not always and the import pictures did not work at all as it should. If left to run, the import pictures would always duplicate the pictures and would lock up occasionally, but not always.   Regardless, whether the firewall was on or off, the syncs did not work consistently as they should nor how they worked prior to the IOS 7.0.4 software “upgrade”.  These are reasons why I am having difficulty understanding how the McAfee firewall is the cause. I do appreciate your efforts to resolve this situation but it has been 35 days since this problem began with  no end in sight. Frankly as an Apple customer, this is unacceptable. 

Sincerely, 4s owner

Any ideas on where to start next ????

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