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In Canada and my iphone has deactivated itself from the verizon network. How do I reactivate it?

I am currently in Canada because I go to college here. Yesterday my phone had a freakout, the screen would not turn on or respond to any buttons and it would not let me unlock my phone even when using the right passcode. I tried to fix my iphone by plugging it in to my computer and updating the iphone software and restoring the phone. It didn't work, instead it deactivated itself off of the verizon network, and when I call *611 to activate my phone it doesn't work, it just tells me to call *611 to activate my phone again.

I am only listed as an account member on my family's account, and currently my father (who is the main controller of the account) is in Europe and cannot easily be reached.

I need to be able to reactivate my phone, however I cannot place a call to the verizon customer help line as my phone will not place or receive calls.

I am feeling incredibly angry right now, as I feel like the situation is hopeless. I tried contacting verizon via twitter with no avail. Someone please help me out.

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Re: In Canada and my iphone has deactivated itself from the verizon network. How do I reactivate it?

I know it can be a bit scary when your phone freaks out like that. When/if this happens, since your phone can't do a battery pull to fix itself like other phones can, you want to hold down your power and home keys until the Apple logo appears onscreen, then let them go and wait while it powers up.

When you reconnected to iTunes to try to fix the problem, it would have performed an update or restore, both of which requires being able to reprogram your phone for service. The problem is your phone needs a Verizon service tower to do that and with you being in Canada where there aren't any...well, that's where your issue is coming in. Also, *611 is specific to Verizon service towers as well, it wouldn't work in Canada.

Without towers to reprogram your service your best option would be to use Wifi and apps that allow for texting and calling (i.e. I imessage can let you send messages over WiFi and emails can also be sent that way). You want to get in contact with someone authorized on your account to see if they can send you a working phone too.

Good luck!

Re: In Canada and my iphone has deactivated itself from the verizon network. How do I reactivate it?
Customer Support

Hi Spotter10,

Oh my! I know how important it is to have a properly working phone while traveling. In order to program your phone, you would need to be in the Verizon Wireless Network . Canada would be considered outside of our Network and roaming.  Will you be returning back to the United States soon? What part of Canada are you in? Your dad can add you as an account manager quickly via MyVZW . We also have a free Global calling card to reach customer service while traveling internationally .

Tweet us @vzwsupport