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Iphone 4 s sim unlock problem

I hope an official Verizon person can answer the following questions for me:

I want to travel,I want to use another operator SIM card,Customer service don't help me to unlock,My family is wireless plan,Account is my father's name, but now I'm not he together, he can't answer the phone。

Please you detailed answer my questions. Thank you!

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Re: Iphone 4 s sim unlock problem
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

My bet is you do not have an account with VZW. (EDIT: In another post you state you are NOT a VZW customer) If you did, the bill was paid on time, the account was 6 months or older, the device would be unlocked by VZW,

If all three options have occurred, VZW would not have an issue.  Since you are not a customer, you are out of luck. End of story.

Sorry you have a phone you can not use or sell.

MODS: I feel this and the posters other thread can be locked if not deleted

Re: Iphone 4 s sim unlock problem
Sr. Member

Have ur dad put the phone on his account if he even has one. How hard is it to get ur own account. I gave u the info on ur other post. People should know the rules Verizon doesent want to just unlock it and your gone. You have gone with an unlocked one on but I know this way is cheaper. I understand.