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Iphone 4S won't send pics to one person

I've had my iPhone 4S for about two months.  Up until last week, I had no trouble sending picture messages to all of my contacts.  Last week, all of a sudden, picture messages to my boyfriend's phone started coming up with a "message send failure" error.  I can still send pictures to all of my other contacts.

He has an iPhone 4, on AT&T.  I can still receive pictures from him.  I've tried all the fixes I've seen recommended online.  MMS is turned on, and the issue persists whether I'm on Wifi or Cellular.  I tried relaunching the messaging app, restarting the phone and pulling out the sim card. 

What to do?

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Re: Iphone 4S won't send pics to one person

No thanks to anyone at Best Buy or Verizon tech support, but I did finally figure out what was wrong.  I had added my boyfriend's work number to my contacts entry for him, and for some reason the phone was defaulting to that for picture messages but not text messages.