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Iphone 4s contacts disappeared


Today I woke up to have no contacts in my phone. I did attempt to restore back up from my itunes and it didn't work. I used to have all my contacts backed up on verizon wireless when I had a blackberry..however, they don't seem to be on here any longer.


How do I get them back??

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Re: Iphone 4s contacts disappeared

Me too!!  I downloaded 6.1.3 last night - today GONE!!!!   Nothing on Verizon backup.    Is it possible to get from iCloud??  if so, how?

Re: Iphone 4s contacts disappeared
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You sign in with your user email address and password.

It shows Mail, Calendar and Contacts. You must of set this up when you set up your iphone or ipad.

The option to grab these things is on the website. Also the Find My iphone/ipad is available from this website.

Hope that helps.

Re: Iphone 4s contacts disappeared

I had the same thing happen when I upgraded to 6.1.2 recently.  My daughter and I are both on the same plan with the same apple ID.  I lost all my own contacts and gained all hers.  I took my phone into Apple, who couldn't help me, and then to Verizon, who could.  Verizon was able to delete hers and restore my contacts to the point when I started using the iPhone, but I lost the last 1.5 years of added contacts.  Apple really needs to work this bug out.  What an enormous pain. 

Good luck with yours.

Re: Iphone 4s contacts disappeared
Customer Support

Naturalla, let's make sure that your contacts are restored. Have you tried Elector's step of signing into iCloud? Have your contacts been restored? Make sure that iCloud is set to backup your contacts. Go to Settings, iCloud and ensure contacts are set to On.

When you originally synced your contacts to your phone, did you use VZ Contact Transfer? If the contacts haven't been backed up to My Verizon in over 30 days, that may be why they are no longer on the site. Please attempt VZ Contact Transfer just in case to see if any contacts transfer over

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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Re: Iphone 4s contacts disappeared

I had the same thing happen to me last night, all of my contacts randomly disappeared.  Here's the breakdown of how it all started: 

I happened to toggle thru my open apps.  It was then that I noticed the image on the email app showing an unrecognized name (Mr. J Robertson) and it was showing as a contact in my email app; not as an email or what I normally see under my email.  I thought this was odd, so I opened my email app; when I did this image was no longer visible. I tried searching for the name I saw, and found nothing pulled up.  I then tried to delete some of my emails, and got a message stating that it is unable to delete the messages selected at this time. When I refreshed my emails, I received multiple new email sound alerts coming thru on duplicates of three and four times on emails I had already received.  It wouldn't stop!  I have 5 different email accounts on my email app, the only one acting wonky was my hotmail, so I deleted it, and re-added it back.

Upon doing so, no mail shows up under my hotmail email, and I noticed shortly after that my contacts had disappeared (all but my favorite contacts).  Within minutes my favorites also disappeared, and within a few minutes after that I saw the names of my contacts replaced with the phone numbers on my txt message app.  All of this happened within a 10 minute time frame.

I still have not been able to retrieve emails from my hotmail account, and my contacts are still gone.  I am afraid to connect my phone to my computer to restore my contacts from my last back up on itunes or my verizon backup assistant; because it makes me wonder if I have a virus on my phone.