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Iphone disappointment

I am a new apple product user. I purchased a new phone
within the last 6 months. To date I have had nothing but problems. It started
with the unique password I had to create. Not a big problem, but your
requirement to put in the password multiple times if I'm down loading two or
three apps, is excessive.

Then I had the problem with my voice mail. My clients
started reporting that my voice mailbox was full. My IPhone said I did not have
any voice mails but when someone tried to leave a message, the mailbox was
full. It took 2 weeks for you (Apple) to correct the problem.

Siri has become a joke. It works great when hooked to a
local network. I love the features and became used to asking Siri to provide
info when needed.

I was traveling in my car with 3G service needing info from
my phone and Siri stated it could not help me. Getting used to how easy my new
phone worked, then in a time of need, it let me down. This is not acceptable. I
started keeping track and 50% of the time Siri lets me down when needed in my
car even though the phone signal is strong.

My wife and I were enjoying a night out with friends and we
were discussing a new app call Gas Buddy. I tried to download the app and a
whole new level of security was required. I responded with the answer to a
required security question and another question was asked, and another, and
another. Finally my phone required a second email address which I could not
provide because I do not have one.

My friend responded what a joke the IPHONE is. You cannot load
a simple app. I agree. You have not thought out your product. To have to keep
track of multiple email addresses, security questions and to be required to
type in my password over and over during the same phone session is a waste of
time and a frustrating burden.

I called your support line and was told I'm over the 90 day
free support and need to purchase support time.

That was the last straw. I ordered a new android phone
hoping my wife would like the IPhone. She does not want the hassle. I will try
and sell the Iphone on ebay. My son who has a IPhone 4 informed me I should
have purchased a 3s or 4 model that the 4s has had many problems. Great news,
you put out a product that has obvious issues and require the consumer to pay
for support.

I wonder how long you will be able to continue this scam.

I would be great if Apple would refund my money. In fact I
would be very happy if you would stand behind your product and refund my money.
But based on my experience to date, I'm not holding my breath.

My company was planning on purchasing Ipads. We will be
looking at other solutions.

Apple has created a loyal customer market for their
products. The Iphone was my first Apple product. If my experience with IPhone
performance and company support is common, you will surely diminish and erode
that customer base.

I do not expect a reply or a solution to the above mentioned
problems. My only recourse is to spread the word and post my frustration on the
web as often as possible.

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Re: Iphone disappointment

It sounds like all your issues are with Apple and not Verizon Wireless.

This is the Verizon Wireless community peer to peer forum.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Iphone disappointment

As said above there is no audience here for your issue