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Is my phone information accessible?

Hello all. I spilled coffee on my phone which would not allow me to turn it back on to download my information to my computer (although the flashlight for some reason came on and stayed illuminated). My insurance company paid (all but $160) for the replacement of a new phone, which was sent to me promptly. They require that my damaged phone be sent to them. When I went to the Verizon store to mail it to the insurance company, after removing my SIMS card from it, they told me that even though I removed the SIMS card, my information would still be on the phone including texts, photos, history, etc.. My question is this; is there a way to clear the phone of all of my content? I don't want to send the phone back with my information still on it as I also use it as a work phone and it has some sensitive security information on it. Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays, Chuck

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Re: Is my phone information accessible?

I wouldn't worry about the information if you have a phone lock on the device because the only way they would be able to bypass the lock is to do a factory reset on the device, which deletes all information on the phone.