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Is sacrificing 8 extra gigs worth the risk?

I have wanted an iPhone for a long time, but my family doesn't exactly have the money to be paying $200+ for a phone. So when I saw that the 8 gig iPhone 4 is now free with an upgrade, I got really excited. But a lot of people are saying that8 gigs isn't enough. I'm not a big app person - the most I'll want is a couple of games like fruit ninja and stuff; I have an iPod touch, so I won't be keeping all my music on my iPhone; and as far as media goes, I do love my ringtones and photos, but it's my understanding that 8 gigs isn't exactly a meager amount. So, advice from anyone? Is it worth the risk, or should I just try to save up the money for 16 gigs to be safe?

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Re: Is sacrificing 8 extra gigs worth the risk?
Sr. Member

It's not its only 6.3 gig after iOS and standard apple apps if you intend on putting any movies on it other than one at a time bigger Is better

Re: Is sacrificing 8 extra gigs worth the risk?
Customer Support

That's a good question elinder21. There's plenty of customers who get by quite comfortably with the 8 GB iPhone using what you've described. Most iTunes games are around 100 MB, normal length songs (about 4 minutes long) are only about 3 MB each, and most pictures taken on the iPhones are around 2 MB each.  One gigabyte (GB) equals 1,024 megabyte (MB) of data, so 8 GB equals 8,192 MB of data. So the 8 GB iPhone can actually fit quite a bit onto it. Just remember, there is no way to increase the amount of memory available on the iPhones, but you can transfer files to your computer when you find yourself using more than expected. And if you frequently back up your information to your computer instead of leaving hundreds of pictures on your device at all times, there's a good chance the 8GB model will work well.

Whatever you decide, enjoy your new phone!


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