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Latency and packet loss across WiFi - and slow 3g

I am getting significant latency across WiFi, the majority of ping times from the wireless router to the phone are in the 100-200ms range. Occasionally I even get dropped packets. I have tested with 3 separate wireless routers and had good signal each time. I have placed the iPhone within feet of the wireless routers with no change. I also tested with a friend's AT&T iPhone 4s (using WiFi also, of course) with the SAME EXACT RESULTS. My older HTC Incredible did not have this problem and neither does my wife's Incredible 2. I did a google search and found this...

     "The 4S uses a new WiFi chip that "I feel" isn't quite up-to snuff. The 4S is my only device that drops when using AirPlay and I'm not the only one.      Hopefully it can be fixed via a software update."

I'm surprised more people aren't complaining about this. 99% of people would probably never even look at ping times to their phone over WiFi, but whether or not you realize it, it's slowing down your data. More people need to complain to Apple to get them to fix this. I am heading to to open a case right now.

Oh, by the way, the 3g download/upload speeds on this phone suck horribly. At best I am getting .9Mb. Usually with full bars I get between .5Mb - .8Mb down and less up. AT&T iPhone 4s is getting 3-5Mb where I get less than 1Mb. Horrible!!!!

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Re: Latency and packet loss across WiFi - and slow 3g
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Doesn't atat iPhone use hspra or something like that to make it more then 3G and u can talk and data? Doesn't that make it faster? When the iPhone 4 came out apple said the atat iPhone was faster because it used somewhat of a different technology then Verizon 3G only service. Just putting all info I know or heard to confirm with a more expert of an iPhone then I am. I don't have really any wifi drops but when I do he hotspot the connection does drop often or the computer is connected but in the phone it shows a drop although I have good signal.

Sometimes it takes forever for it to become fully discoverable but other iPhones work quickly.