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Lost Contacts??

I think (pretty sure I know) I goofed up trying to manage my wife's contacts from her iPhone 4. She had a lot of unnecessary contacts carried over from a joint address book, so to start with I cleaned up her Mac Mail address book, then when I was sure I had every contact stored in her VZ Backup Assistant that we wanted I trashed her entire backup (that is still accessible if we need it - I can see those contacts sitting in the VZ BA trash folder). Next we moved to the phone, and here is where the problems start. What I had hoped to do was take all her contacts on the phone and back them up to the VZ Backup Assistant feature. It is interesting that on the computer it is still called backup assistant, but ty finding that on the phone and you are now using something called contact transfer. It is not clear if this is a syncing tool or a one way transfer, but I took a bad leap and went ahead with a transfer. I watched as it said it was transferring 900+ contacts, which had me confused right away, because she didn't have 900 on her phone anymore, and the only place there may have been 900 or so contacts was in the BA trash folder online. It then went into another process and was transferring 240+ contacts, which was about the amount we had left in her contact list. So I thought maybe the process was working after all. Then when it was done we had 31 contacts on her phone, some of which were new and recently added so they were not in the BA folders, and some old. No apparent reason why these 31 are what we are left with. And none appear in the VZ BA main folder.

So my questions are why am I left with these 31 apparently random contacts, and where did they go as far as BA is concerned? They would seem to have been transferred somewhere.

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