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Missed Texts?!?!

My iphone just broke, and I'm going to transfer my number over but I don't know when I will receive my new iphone .. it's my birthday tomorrow and I'm sure I'll be sent birthday texts... in the time my phone is down will I lose those texts or will they send to my new phone? I mean, it's the same number? I usually wouldn't care but I don't want to ignore anyone's messages. Help?!

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Re: Missed Texts?!?!
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This I am not 100% sure of. However when I have my phone off for days when I turn my iPhone back on I get slammed with missed text messages. iMessages also. now each phone has a electronic serial number that makes it seen on the network, if its due to this number other than your phone number you would need to unassociate the old iPhone from your account and replace with the new one. Again I am not 100% certain as to which device method is used for texting/imessage.

Good Luck

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Re: Missed Texts?!?!
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Happy Birthday a day early!

For Verizon text messages, the network will attempt to deliver the message for five days (120 hours) from the date of Verizon's receipt of the message. Messages not delivered within five days are automatically deleted.