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My 4s will not stay connnected to WiFi

I've had my 4s for about 6 months now and its not staying connected to my wifi anymore.  Every time I manual connect and when it goes into "sleep mode" for about 5 mins and I then turn it on its no longer connected to wifi.  What is going on with my phone? 

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Re: My 4s will not stay connnected to WiFi
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Is it reconnecting shortly after you wake it up? As far as I know, all iPhones shut off the Wi-Fi radio in sleep mode after a certain amount of time. I know that mine does this, but it reconnects to Wi-Fi once I wake it up.

Re: My 4s will not stay connnected to WiFi
Customer Support

Thanks for taking the time to contact us. We will do all we can do to get your 4S to stay connected to WiFi. This is a feature that is very important.
First, I want you go to to Settings>WiFi>Select your WiFi network and tap the blue circle>Forget the network.
Secondly, go ahead and go back to WiFi to add the WiFi network & attempt the connection again.
Have you reset the network settings and attempted to connect to the WiFi again?

Please feel free to let me know how the iPhone 4S is working once these steps are completed.

Tamara H.
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Re: My 4s will not stay connnected to WiFi

I have a similar problem but mine is that the wifi just wont stay connected at my home.  I tried the troubleshooting option posted on 9/24/12 by Tamara H at VZW but that did not resolve it.  We have 2 other Iphone users in the house and their phones do not have the same problem so I believe it must have to be the settings on my particular phone.  When I am at work or anywhere else that there is wifi I stay connected.  It simply is my phone on my own home network.

Any other settings to try to resolve the issue?