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My iPhone4s is on but screen won't turn on help!!

I don't know what happened but it just suddenly won't turn on. The phone was never turned off. I can hear all my notifications but I can't do anything with the phone! I tryied resetting it but holding the off button and the circle button and that still doesn't work! Can anybody help me?!

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Re: My iPhone4s is on but screen won't turn on help!!

Not sure what is going on but if you're hearing the alerts then it would indicate some sort of failure with the screen. I assume if the screen has failed it wouldn't matter how much you try to power it off you wouldn't be able to do so because you can't see the red slider to power it off. Have you tried plugging it up to your computer and restoring it through iTunes? I'm not sure if it would (especially if ultimately the issue is purely a screen failure) but it's something you can try. If there is an Apple store near you then you might want to stop by and let them have a look. Assuming your phone hasn't been damaged then it should still be under the manufacturer's if it is a screen failure it should be replaced or fixed under warranty.