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Need a Straight Answer about TEC for iPhone 4 (32gb)

I have an iPhone 4 and TEC.  I've had my phone less than two years and purchased my TEC later during a special offer period.  My phone is now acting up.  The home button is frequently unresponsive, the accelerometer is very slow and often doesn't work at all, and the phone randomly shuts down at times too.  This was at first pretty infrequent, but is now an almost daily occurrence.   I've downloaded the latest OS, etc. There's no accidental damage, water damage, etc. 

My question is this:  Would I have to pay a deductible to get a replacement phone under TEC?  If so, what would the amount be for my model (iPhone 4/32gb/black)  If I had the phone replaced under TEC, does it in any way extend my contract or change my eligibility date for an equipment upgrade?  If so, how?


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Re: Need a Straight Answer about TEC for iPhone 4 (32gb)
Sr. Member

if there is no physical or water damage you can get a clnr through tec at no charge and it doesn't extend your contract

i've never heard of an iphone just powering down, sounds bad

Re: Need a Straight Answer about TEC for iPhone 4 (32gb)
Customer Support


Issue with our phones is never a good time. We all use our phones for everyday functions and it’s very inconvenient when we are unable to use our phone because of an issue so I definitely understand your concern. But don’t worry because I’m here to help!

Keep in mind that the TEC extends the warranty on your iPhone to 2 years. So if there is any manufacturer defect it can be replaced at no cost. If there is damage on the phone or it’s lost/stolen then you would go through the insurance and have it replaced. You would be responsible for the $199.00 deductible for the 32GB iPhone 4S.

Is the Home button unresponsive or slow to respond with certain apps or functions on the phone or is it random?
If the Home button is slow to respond when exiting one application, try another application and see if you notice a difference. If the issue exists only in certain applications, try removing and reinstalling those applications. If the issue continues, Try turning iPhone off and then on again If the iPhone will not restart, try resetting it If the issue is still happening, try to restore the iPhone If the Home button still doesn’t respond then we may need to replace the phone.
The above steps should also help with the other issues you are experiencing. Keep me posted if you need further assistance.
John B
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Re: Need a Straight Answer about TEC for iPhone 4 (32gb)
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Vzw support I just called tech support as long as your paying for it your fine. My dad has phones with tec and still covered after 2yrs. we have an incredible more then 2yrs replaced them recently after 2yrs still under warrenty. In the terms of the extended warrenty you are fine unless you remove insurance. Its without deductable. The damage part is 2x a year.