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Never received last message in series of text messages

Hi, thank you in advance for your help!  I was engaged in a text message conversation with a contact yesterday and they sent a number of long messages in rapid succession.  In the final conversation, the messages were all proceeded by a ordinal number (i.e., "1 of 5", "2 of 5", etc.)-- I assume this is because the messages were too large to fit in one message bubble.  However, I never received the final message (i.e., "5 of 5").  I have tried simply turning the phone off and on but the message still has not arrived.  Is it lost forever?  Is there still some way to find it?  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thank you!  Kindly, B

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Re: Never received last message in series of text messages

You will likely have to ask them to re-send what ever portion of the message you missed. Because they were sending several messages that exceeded the normal length of  a sms message in quick succession as you stated (I think 160 characters but I may be wrong) then the message likely got lost in the system. You will sometimes also receive long messages broken up due to length out of order...but this can happen with any device (I have experienced this and what you mentioned before with my previous BB's and a few times on my iPhone so I know it's not solely an iPhone issue). Otherwise, the message may eventually come through on it's just have no idea when.