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No volume for apps or music........again!

I'm just wondering if this a common problem or if it is just something that keeps happening to me.  I bought the 4S and after a little under a year the sound wouldn't work for the music or apps.  Suri still works and the ringer still works but none of my alerts.  I talked to Verizon and they said to send the phone back for a replacement.  They did tell me I would have to pay for the replacement if the phone was found to be damaged, but I knew my phone had never been wet and never been dropped so I sent it in for a replacement.  OF COURSE they claim that there was water damage found and that I would have to pay for the new phone.  I paid for the phone even though I knew they were making a false accusation.  Now, just a little under a year, and my new 4S is having the same problems.  This can't only be happening to me!!!  The volume bar completely disappears when I am trying to listen to music and the sound on the apps doesn't work.  This has got to be a malfunction with this phone.  It also doesn't allow me to switch over to another phone call sometimes.  This happened immediately after I downloaded the ISO 6.0.  I am so annoyed with this phone but am hesitant to call verizon because I know that they will try to charge me for a new phone again.  I just want to see if this is something that others are experiencing too.

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