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Not sending texts

My iPhone 4s isn't letting me send texts. It will let me send texts to other people who have iPhones, but it won't let me send texts to people who don't. I've turned off my phone and also synced it, but that didn't help. That happened once a few days ago, but it ended up sending. It has only been doing it for about an hour, and I don't know what to do. What can I do to fix the problem?

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Re: Not sending texts

You are not alone.

I have an iPhone 4s running OS 5.1.1.  It has worked perfectly until about 2 weeks ago when I suddenly stopped being able to both SEND and RECEIVE text messages.  When I send a Text Message, I get a "Message Send Failure."  People attempting to send me text messages receive no warning that it did not go through.

iMessages are not affected.  I can send iMessages to other iOS users.

What I have tried to do to fix the problem, but with no luck

1) Disabled iMessages completely in an attempt to avoid the "is the other person an iOS user?" check

2) *228 option 1 (reprogram your phone)

3) *228 option 2 (update your roaming information

4) Cleared all Network Setttings (General/Reset/Reset All Network Settings)

5) Restored phone to from a backup

6) Restored phone to factory default

No luck whatsoever.

This issue roughly corresponds with the activation of my wife's iPhone 4 a few weeks ago.  I would hardly say it is the cause, but the timing is suspicious given the changes to my wireless plan and the activation of a new device.

Re: Not sending texts
Customer Support

Hi k22012,

A thanks goes out to fifthturtle48 for your input. I really want to help with this, so I would like to ask you both to perform a device reset to clear all settings.

You should first back up your device (with iTunes or iCloud), then go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> "Erase All Content and Settings". You will then need to reactivate and reset up your device settings.

If you are still having an issue, please contact Apple Care at 800-275-2273.


Christina B
VZW Support
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Re: Not sending texts

do you have to be in wifi to do all of this i know you do when u back up your phone but what bout the rest when u save all your stuff to icloud

Re: Not sending texts

For anyone else that may encounter this problem, I JUST had it (8/15/12) I tried all of the above options. What worked for me was plugging my phone into my computer, once itunes popped up it stated my carrier settings needed updating, I updated them and VOILA! It worked. Not saying this is the problem, but it worked for me