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Ok waiting almost 1mth to get 4S... VZW screwed up!
Ok so I have a corporate line of service through my employer. We were given the green light to get our own lines of service and equipment. So iPhone 4s 32G in black was what I wanted! So I go to my local VZW store on 12/3 to order since I know they are currently not stocking on site. The "expected" ship date of 12/16 was hard to believe but would be ok since we were told the week of the 12th would GE the week we could shop for our lines of service. So the 16th comes and goes without any shipping e-mail. So I call VZW customer service to ask when it will ship. The agent says, "oh ohhh, looks like there was a problem. Could you go to your local VZW store where you ordered and have them look?"

Not good...

I go to my local VZW store and they look and stare at the computer, typing things... Probably looking for a employee help page to explain what happened. Turns out that somehow my order FAILED in there system. Even though I had a confirmation number for the order there was an "issue" in their system!! The only solution would be to re-order my iPhone and see what happens. For some reason the sales associate had me on the phone with an agent to order my iPhone. She said, "Sorry about that sir. I can have your iPhone in your hands by this Friday Dec 23rd."

REALLY?! ? "Hou should get a tracking number on Thesday and most likely it will be there this Thursday or Friday" GREAT!!! Thank You!!!!

Well Tuesday came and went with no tracking into. So I call VZW Cust Service again to see whats up. The answer I was given was, "We are not sure why you were told it would get there this week. But expected ship date is Dec 30th."

Are you kidding me!?!?!?

So I go back to my local VZW store to get carificstion and the store manager says, "I'm. Of sure why you were told by Friday but your date is Dec 30th.

So here we are. Almost 1 month and STILL no phone to talk about!!
For those keeping score at home VZW screwed up the order once, lied to me twice and **bleep** me off 4+ times!!!

**bleep** poor service IMO! Waiting almost 1 month and still.nothing to show and they could care less !

The kicker is that I have till the 30th to port my. Umber to my own line of service before my corporate line gets canned. Wait, my iPhone is supposed th ship that day. Ohhh and I asked about a loaner I was told that they don't give out loaners..

What a joke!!!
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