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Phone is not reacting to touch - opens up wrong pages, etc.

My phone has been going crazy for the past month. Now it is completely not working.  It just freezes, the "touch" part doesn't work, then it just opens up what it wants or calls people randomly.  The only way to turn it off is to hold both buttons till it turns off, the slider doesn't work.  when it comes back on, sometimes the slider works, but usually I have to bring the camera up for it to get back to the home screen  All in All, not working except to make phone calls.  It's only 14 months old.  Help!! 

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Re: Phone is not reacting to touch - opens up wrong pages, etc.

Could be a number of things wrong with it...I experienced issues like that with my iPhone 4 after it received water damage in a car accident. You could have water damage (even condensation can cause some wacky things to happen so you could have damage and not be aware that you do...meaning you don't recall a significant liquid exposure incident). Your phone could just be failing. Have you tried to do an actual restore? It may or may not help. Otherwise, I guess it's safe to assume  that you don't have insurance or extended warranty coverage....if you do though you should contact VZW or Apple (or whoever you have coverage with) and see if the issue is covered.

Re: Phone is not reacting to touch - opens up wrong pages, etc.
Customer Support

Hello seahorse03! I am available to assist with your iPhone! May I ask what software version do you have on the device? I would recommend doing a restore on the device using iTunes on a computer. Once you have completed the restore, please use the device without your personal information added to ensure that the device is more responsive. We will be waiting to see the results that you get. ^AH