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Phone not showing "verizon" by the 3G on top

For the past couple of days, my iPhone has not shown that Verizon is the provider on the top by the 3G logo,and when I click on Settings > General > About it says that the network is not available. I tried resetting the network setttings, but that did not fix it. Is this a problem or something related to an update?


Thank you!

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Re: Phone not showing "verizon" by the 3G on top

I would suggest resetting the phone (either by holding the top sleep/wake button until you get a message saying to slide to power off, then slide, then press the top button again to reboot, or by holding the top and home buttons at the same time until you get a black screen with an apple on it)


If you have tried that and it still says that the network is not available, open the Phone app, go to the numpad/keypad, and call *228, when the prompt comes up, open the numpad/keypad and dial 1, it will then ask you for your mobile number and the last 4 digits of your SSN, then let the phone sit and activate, after activation, the network should then be available, if not, either you are in a bad service area (in which case it should say "Searching..." where it's supposed to say Verizon), or there could be a hardware problem and the phone may need to be replaced

Re: Phone not showing "verizon" by the 3G on top
Verizon Employee

Hello nboris827,


I am more than happy to assist you with your service on your iPhone. May I ask did you used to have service on this iPhone before? If so then that's great! I have listed a few basic steps to try on the device to see if it can resolve the issue. They are as follows:


  • Verify that bluetooth and wifi is turned off.
  • Confirm that airplane mode is not active.
  • Cellular Data, Voice Roaming, and Data Roaming are turned. (Settings > General > Network)
  • Perform the latest software update on the device (Currently iOS 5.0.1)
  • Check to see if the correct mobile number is still active on the device. (Settings > Phone >My Number)
  • Update the preferred roaming list by calling *228 and select 2 when prompted. 


Once you have tried all of the steps above then the next step would be a Restore on the device using iTunes. I have provided a link to assist you with the restore process.


This process can take up to 45 minutes, depending on how much storage is being used. After the restore please retest your voice and data service for functionality. If the issue persist then please reply to this message with your findings so I can further assist.


Thank you...