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Random outgoing messages showing up on iPhone

I was having a conversation with a friend through iMessage when a nasty iMessage was randomly sent to her.  The message appeared on both my iPhone 4s and hers, making it appear as if I had sent the message.  Has anyone else had an experience like this or have any ideas how someone gained access to my phone? I was connected to my home wifi at the time if that helps any.

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Re: Random outgoing messages showing up on iPhone
Customer Support

I'm sorry to hear about the message that came through via iMessage. The only cause that I can think of could be that maybe you have another iPhone/iPad set up using the same Apple ID, and that other party using the other device sent the message. Since an Apple ID is necessary some other unknown party has access to your Apple ID and password.

If this issue is still ongoing, please reach out to us, and also contact Apple as well. We're here for you whenever you may need us! Thank you Tmoran!


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