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Reception Problems

I just switched to Verizon and I'm using my first IPhone.   One big problem:  very bad reception in my house!   I spent a couple of hours with Verizon Support over my land-line phone, off and on today.   Then I decided I should make a swap to a Motorola, based on what a support person explained to me about 70-year-old houses and poor reception.....really?   So I drove to the Verizon store where a nice person asked if I had done the magic *228 roaming update.   No one in Support had suggested this.  He seemed very confident that this would solve my problems.   However, it hasn't, even after trying it several times.  I will say that intermittently, I get three bars and the "3G" actually shows up, but this is rare.   Does this mean that I need to switch carriers?

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Re: Reception Problems
Customer Support

Hello Deejay121,

Cellphone reception is really important, especially at home! I would love to take the opportunity to provide some suggestions so we can fix this together.

You mentioned you tried a Motorola phone as well, did it have the same results?
Are there any other Verizon Wireless users who have the same issue?
Is it only inside your home? What about outside around your home?

The comment regarding the structure of your home can be true. Depending on what the home is made out of it may cause our frequency to be weakened.  We do offer a product called a Network Extender that helps with indoor coverage. Check it out!

Keep us posted!


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