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Returned phone not mine, damaged phone not mine

I too am disappointed and disallusioned with Verizon level of Integrity.  I had an I phone 4s which I use primarily for my job which includes being on call for diaster response.  I need to know when text messges are sent to me from my corporation.  My phone audible alert tone stopped working through the speaker, (but could still be heard if you had head phones on).  All other features worked as normal.  I took it to a verizon store and they worked on it for an hour making sure setting were engaged, and could find no problems.  They then called Verizon Tech support and asked for assistance.  Tech support asked the store clerk if the phone appeared damaged and she said no, it appears to be in very good condition.  So tech support sent me a replacement phone. I took the new phone and the old phone back to the store and asked them to help set up the new phone and they also sent back the old phone, which the store manager did.  Again there was no identification of damage.  Low and behold 2 weeks later I get an e-mail with pictures of a phone (they contend was mine) with obvious white corrosion and water damage.  I have called and talked with customer service and told them emphatically that is not my phone.  I went to the store and the employee that helped me called and told customer service that was not my phone and there was no visible damage, yet I am still being billed $299 to replace it. So what am I left to believe?  Is this poor customer service or out and out dishonesty on the part of Verizon.  I would love to give them the benenfit of the doubt, but the longer this goes on, the more I believe they do not embrace their company values, and do not care if they appear to have no integrity.

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