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I miss having ringtones that are not the cheesy ones already on the phone.  Is there an EASY way to get real song ringtones?  They keep referring me to iTunes (who have their own cheesy ringtones) and none of the apps have worked. 


HELP!  Ugh!

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Re: Ringtones

You can make your own using either a ringtone app (many available...some are free) or you can create them on your own. Either way, iTunes will play a part in being able to use your ringtones. There are plenty of sites that show you how to do this. Here is one: The process is NOT difficult at all, but if this isn't your idea of easy then you can use one of the ringtone maker apps to do it. I know you said none of the apps work but that's odd. After using the apps did you sync the created ringtones to iTunes so you can put them on your iPhone in the correct format? This has to be done in order for the iPhone to recognize the ringtones as ringtones and not just another music file. This is info that i usually provided in the steps for any app that you use for ringtones.  iTunes does sell real music ringtones...the selection isn't like it used to be (at one time you could buy any song as a ringtone but the fact that you could make your own for free and the cost of the ringtone being the same as purchasing the whole song may have been one of the turnoffs to most people buying them).