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Same problem... NO SERVICE

Verizon told me last night that I would have service today and well here it is a little after 5pm and still no service... way too much money for to spend on a provider that takes their time fixing problems for their customers! I was excited to have the new iphone and now i want to send it back and have my old WORKING phone!

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Re: Same problem... NO SERVICE

Not to be rude or anything, but frustrating as it may be problems can arise at any time to any company. It's not a personal attack and I doubt any company likes it when they have unsatisfied customers for any timeframe. According to some very recent comments it appeaers that service is starting to work for some....assuming "same issue" means you are having trouble activating your new device. Try looking at the last 2 or 3 comments in that thread to see if anything in those help you out. I get be frustrated and I completely get being disappointed, but to say that they are taking their time because it's "a little after 5pm" (technically, "today" would include any time between 12:00 midnight and 11:59 pm they haven't exactly lied to you yet...if after 11:59 pm you still don't have service then they were wrong) is a bit much. They have to actually know what the problem is to fix it...and so far it doesn't seem like a concrete answer to what the problem is (or the cause of it I should say. The problem is that customers are having issues activating their devices...they reason why doesn't exactly seem clear yet). Hopefully you will get service like those that have posted recently have. Again...assuming you're talking about the same issue. If not I apologize for assuming that's what you meant by "same problem". If you still have your old phone and really don't want the iPhone due to this issue then you have the option to re-activate it and return the iPhone...unfortunately, they will probably charge you the re-stock if you choose that option be prepared for that unless you can get them to waive it due to the issue.