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Screen doesn't dim during calls

So I upgraded my OS to iOS6 and I absolutely regret it. Everytime I'm on the phone, my phone goes on mute, ends the calls, adds other calls, facetimes, and all that other stuff all because the screen doesn't go black during calls anymore. Is this happening to anyone else too? I already tried to restart my phone and cleared my data but it didn't work.

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Re: Screen doesn't dim during calls
Sr. Member

Make sure that if you have an otter box that you have the single hole at the ear piece because the three hole one blocks the sensor on the 4 s and the white iPhone 4

Re: Screen doesn't dim during calls
Customer Support

Hey Jayzee6teen,

Wow! That is pretty strange that you are experiencing this problem after upgrading your software. I looked through all of our resources and it did not say that the sensor was upgraded in any way shape or form that it would be disabled. Did anything else change recently with your device? Did you get a screen protector or new case perhaps? I know that the proximity sensor is at the top of the phone right above the earpiece (it is very difficult to see on a black phone, but easier on a white one). If you have a protector or a case that covers that part, it would always be activated and never change the screen on or off.

One more handy tip (no pun intended) is to try and use your other hand and see if it works better. I have found that a lot of the devices may work differently when held up to your left ear rather than the right ear. Please retest and report back with your findings! Thanks!


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