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Selling old iPhone 4, will it activate as my number when turned on?

I recently had a iPhone 4 and the lock button broke.  I brought it into the Verizon store and they shipped me a free replacement because I had insurance.  I decided to buy the iPhone 5 while the replacement was in the mail.  I am now selling the replacement phone they sent me so that I may use that money towards the iPhone 5 I bought, and I am returning my broken phone as you are supposed to do when you receive the replacement. The iPhone 5 was delayed so it took a few days to get to me (I had already received the replacement phone).  When I turned on the iPhone 4 replacement (and still had my broken phone in my possession) it automatically activated the replacement phone and deactivated my broken phone.

I have now received my iPhone 5 in the mail and have been using it for a day.  I shipped back the broken phone this morning and am meeting someone later today to sell the replacement phone.

My question is; if I am selling my replacement phone to someone and they turn it on, will it now deactivate my iPhone 5 and the replacement phone will become my new number like it did when I first turned it on?

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Re: Selling old iPhone 4, will it activate as my number when turned on?
Customer Support

Good question, eric1111!
I appreciate you taking the time to ask your question here.
The replacement phone is yours and you are good because you sent the defective phone back.
When you sell it, nothing will happen to your account because you have that awesome new iPhone 5 set up.

Tamara H.
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